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December 2007

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Here is a glimpse of the December 2007 newsletter.  Go to the newsletter page of this blog to see the latest month’s entries. 

“EVERYBODY LOVES SOMEBODY SOMETIME”- SEEKING LOST FRIENDS – Looking for lost South Shoreites?  Email and I will try to put you in contact.  Note that writing me your story gives me permission to use your name & email address.    

I just read your latest newsletter and saw the note by Diane Shagam Yerushalmi. Her father was my family’s eye doctor and he fitted me with my first pair of eyeglasses on my first return home from the University of Wisconsin after I realized I wasn’t able to see the writing on the blackboards 50 to 100 feet away. I read Diane’s husband’s book From Baghdad to Jerusalem ISBN 978-1-84728-666-6 published in English by  I strongly recommend the book as a fast and stimulating read. It’s a true life story involving sex, violence, murder, and intrigue. I was a few years ahead of Diane. I was in the class of June 1959 at South Shore. I was in the 1955 class at Bradwell. I went to summer school to complete 7th grade at Phil Sheridan School in south Chicago. Until 4th grade I went to Kozminski. I am fortunate to see many people from all of those years. I look forward to our 50th reunion for the South Shore class of 1959. Hon. Michael Jordan, Mediation & Arbitration Services

NEW FEATURE – Good GNUS (NEWS) – like this newsletter wasn’t long enough already! We have so much good news coming in I wanted to give you all an opportunity to share yours. 

Here is some good gnus for anyone out there that is a caregiver.  A good friend and book shepherding mentee of mine Sue Salach has published her first book about her true life experiences as a caregiver, “Just When you Thought U Know What You’re Talking About Along Comes Grandpa”. – A care giving resource for people in the real world.  This valuable resource is available from the following  or email Sue at or at Salach Senior Services salachseniorservices@yahoo.comSue holds a bachelor’s degree in Health and Aging and has worked in the geriatric healthcare field for over 15 years. Her professional career includes nursing home, assisted living and independent living experience, hospice education, and geriatric care management.   Sue is passionate about finding ways to assist caregivers.  Her book has been helping families as they go through the care giving journey.  Now she is introducing a new FREE resource for family caregivers.  It allows them to access information, download spreadsheets with important information they should know and questions they should ask when speaking with healthcare professionals caring for their loved ones. The site is free and easy to understand. 


I read your book and loved it! Through you newsletter (which a friend sent me) I just reconnected with my first cousin whom I haven’t seen since the 70’s. Linda Frank Robertson SSHS Class of ’64

Shirlee (Peterman) Prior, Helen (Taylor) Regan, Marjorie (Snyder) Beckett and Doris (Nelson) Olson, all graduated in 1943 from South Shore High School and recently got together and shared many SS memories. They enjoy the News letter.

Here is a follow up to the Bryn Mawr Graduating Class of January 1958:  We found everyone in the class except two.  The two missing are Leo DuBois and Susan Skogsberg.  Any information on these two is appreciated.  We’re looking at a reunion late next spring.   Bill Saphir